Discussing the FOCUS Programme

Research Paper Title The FOCUS Family Resilience Programme: An Innovative Family Intervention for Trauma and Loss. Abstract This article describes the core principles and components of the FOCUS Program, a brief intervention for families contending with single or multiple trauma or loss events. It has been administered nationally to thousands of military family members since… Read More


Rest & Recuperation (R&R) in the UK Armed Forces: Linking Recovery, Well-being & Effectiveness

Research Paper Title Rest and Recuperation in the UK Armed Forces. Background Recent epidemiological evidence suggests that military personnel commonly remain psychologically resilient in the face of adversity they face on deployment. However, the processes that promote resilience have not been well assessed within the UK military. For many years, the UK Armed Forces have operated a policy… Read More

What are (Military) Patient Needs from General Practice following a Traumatic Injury?

Research Paper Title Patient Needs from General Practice following a Traumatic Injury: A Qualitative Study using Narrative Interviews with British Service Personnel. Background To explore the first period of sick leave in military patients following a traumatic battle injury, and the role of primary care. To identify if and where patients perceived difficulties. Methods Participants… Read More

Research: Sleep & Traumatic Events

Disrupted sleep shortly after performing rescue and clean-up operations following traumatic events is associated with poor physical health 12 months later. After adjusting for age, sex, body mass index, and initial distress levels, researchers found that early complaints about sleep quality were associated with more physical symptoms, poorer perceived health, and increased use of healthcare… Read More