What is the Relationship between Multiaxial Loading History & Tibial Strains during Load Carriage?

Research Paper Title The relationships between multiaxial loading history and tibial strains during load carriage. Background To determine if a history of exercise involving multiaxial loading, through soccer participation, influences tibial stains during incremented load carriage. This was a cross-sectional study. Methods 20 female soccer players (20±1 yr) and 20 mass- and height-matched healthy women… Read More


Easy Precautions to take to Prevent Suffering Needless Sporting Injuries

Sporting injuries can have a huge consequence on not just a person’s sporting and physical ventures, but also their professional life as well. The most worrying thing about injuries acquired through playing sports is that they can happen at any given time to any person – such is the nature of ‘freak injuries.’ Something can… Read More

The Military Connection: Arsenal & West Ham

Did you know that both Arsenal and West Ham started life as works football clubs of giant arms-makers (The Economist, 2018). Reference The Economist. (2018) It’s Time to Rethink Everything We Thought We Knew about British National Character. The Economist. 11 August 2018, pp.25.

Squat Performance & Female Football Players

Research Paper Title Can Squat Jump Performance Differentiate Starters vs. Nonstarters in Division I Female Soccer Players? Background Although soccer is predominately an endurance sport, high velocity movements may be an important indicator of athletic success. The purpose of this investigation was to establish whether squat jumps (SJs) can differentiate starters from nonstarters with a… Read More

Can Biomarker Monitoring Augment Positive Adaptation & Reduce Injuries from Stressors incurred during Football?

Research Paper Title Monitoring Blood Biomarkers and Training Load Throughout a Collegiate Soccer Season. Background This observational study aimed to characterise the responses of a comprehensive panel of biomarkers, observed ranges, training load (TL) metrics, and performance throughout the collegiate soccer (aka football) season (August-November). Methods Biomarkers (n = 92) were collected before the start… Read More

The FIFA Football World Cup & the Military (4)

During the 1970 football World Cup, El Salvador and Honduras met three times, beating each other once before El Salvador went through by winning a playoff 3-2. The matches caused so much tension that the Hondurans began to attacks Salvadoreans living in their country. In return, El Salvador launched an armed attack on Honduras. Reference… Read More

The FIFA Football World Cup & the Military (3)

  During the Second World War, Dr. Ottorino Barassi, an Italian and FIFA Vice-President, was so worried that the invading troops might steal the solid gold football World Cup trophy that he hid it under his bed in a shoe box (FIFA, 2006; Coleman, 2018). Because of World War II, the World Cup would not… Read More