Basic Training & Rates of Tibial Shock Magnitude

Research Paper Title Estimates of Tibial Shock Magnitude in Men and Women at the Start and End of a Military Drill Training Program. Background Foot drill is a key component of military training and is characterised by frequent heel stamping, likely resulting in high tibial shock magnitudes. Higher tibial shock during running has previously been… Read More


What is the Relationship between Multiaxial Loading History & Tibial Strains during Load Carriage?

Research Paper Title The relationships between multiaxial loading history and tibial strains during load carriage. Background To determine if a history of exercise involving multiaxial loading, through soccer participation, influences tibial stains during incremented load carriage. This was a cross-sectional study. Methods 20 female soccer players (20±1 yr) and 20 mass- and height-matched healthy women… Read More