The FIFA Football World Cup & the Military (4)

During the 1970 football World Cup, El Salvador and Honduras met three times, beating each other once before El Salvador went through by winning a playoff 3-2. The matches caused so much tension that the Hondurans began to attacks Salvadoreans living in their country. In return, El Salvador launched an armed attack on Honduras. Reference… Read More


The FIFA Football World Cup & the Military (3)

  During the Second World War, Dr. Ottorino Barassi, an Italian and FIFA Vice-President, was so worried that the invading troops might steal the solid gold football World Cup trophy that he hid it under his bed in a shoe box (FIFA, 2006; Coleman, 2018). Because of World War II, the World Cup would not… Read More

The FIFA Football World Cup & the Military (2)

Austria did not take part in the 1938 football World Cup. They had just been annexed by Germany (as part of the anchluss and build-up to the Second World War) and so the country no longer existed. However, the best Austrian players did take part, the Germans having pinched them all for their own team.… Read More

Military Populations: Linking Motivational Interviewing Plus Feedback with Untreated Alcohol Abuse

Research Paper Title Randomised Trial of Motivational Interviewing Plus Feedback for Soldiers With Untreated Alcohol Abuse. Background Alcohol use disorders (AUDs) are prevalent in the military and are a major public health concern. Although efficacious AUD interventions exist, few service members seek treatment. Army-specific barriers to AUD treatment include treatment being recorded on health records,… Read More

Military Parachuting Injuries: A Literature Review

Research Paper Title Military Parachuting Injuries: A Literature Review. Abstract This article was a literature review of the aspects of military parachuting related to occupational medicine and focused on ‘conventional’ military static line parachuting using a round parachute. The analysis of injuries resulting from military parachuting provided an excellent example of military occupational medicine practice.… Read More