Ex-Military Bods: The Chance to Appear in a Dove Campaign

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How Are People Using Adelaide’s Parklands?

Adelaide City Council estimates close to two million visitors are heading to the parklands to run, cycle, walk dogs and picnic each year — more than for organised sport or events. It is the first time the council has come up with a figure to capture casual visitation, compiled to dispel the myth that the… Read More

The Role of Gymnastics in the Royal Army School of Physical Training?

Research Paper Title Role of Gymnastics in the Army School of Physical Training. Background As a result of a single spinal injury seen at Frimley Park Hospital, the researchers reviewed the injuries recorded at the Army School of Physical Training since December 1996. Methods This was a retrospective review of all acute accidents and injuries… Read More

A Review of Physiotherapy Records to Characterise MSK Injury in Australian Soldiers

Research Paper Title Review of Physiotherapy Records to Characterise Musculoskeletal Injury in Australian Soldiers in the 16th Air Defence Regiment. Background There is scant information on the types of musculoskeletal injuries, their causes and injury patterns that are sustained by Australian garrison soldiers (a permanent military post or place where troops are stationed). Rigorous physical… Read More

How to Reduce Medical Downgrading in a High Readiness Royal Marine Unit?

Research Paper Title Reducing Medical Downgrading in a High Readiness Royal Marine Unit. Background This 3 year retrospective observational study aimed to determine the diagnoses causing medical downgrading in a high readiness Royal Marine Commando unit, and to direct future investment to reduce numbers downgraded. Methods Medical and administrative records were used to ascertain diagnoses,… Read More

Public Park or Private Gym: Boot Camps or Bloody Nuisance?

In an article on ‘The Conversation’ website, Jason Byrne talks about some of the potential and actual problems and conflicts of having Fitness Boot Camps in local parks. The article is presented in neutral prose and briefly chats about some of the pros and cons. It’s only a brief article but if you want to… Read More