How Are People Using Adelaide’s Parklands?

Adelaide City Council estimates close to two million visitors are heading to the parklands to run, cycle, walk dogs and picnic each year – more than for organised sport or events. It is the first time the council has come up with a figure to capture casual visitation, compiled to dispel the myth that the… Read More


Fitness Instructors in Scotland are to pay Councils to Hold Workout Sessions in Local Parks

Scottish fitness firms and instructors face a crackdown by local councils who are set to charge trainers for workout sessions in parks. East Lothian, East Renfrewshire and North Lanarkshire are asking commercial fitness groups to apply and pay for permits to hold classes in local parks. Other Scottish councils are understood to be considering similar policies. The move… Read More

New Sub-section

A new page ‘Fitness Training Licences’ can be found under the main page heading of ‘Regulations and Qualifications’ along with three associated pages: Fitness Licence Application: General Process; Terms & Conditions for Personal Trainers & Group Fitness Registration & Use of Park-Venue; and Code of Conduct for Outdoor Fitness Training