The Duke of Atholl & His Private Army!

Notwithstanding private contractor companies who are often characterised as being private army’s, there is actually one private army left in Europe – the Atholl Highlanders. Although essentially a private guard, the regiment is technically part of the British Army, and still carries the Queen’s Colours. In 1844, Queen Victoria presented the then Duke of Atholl… Read More


Can Motorways Promote Active Travel?

Research Paper Title Effects of New Motorway Infrastructure on Active Travel in the Local Population: A Retrospective Repeat Cross-Sectional Study in Glasgow, Scotland. Background Promoting active travel is an important part of increasing population physical activity, which has both physical and mental health benefits. A key benefit described by the then Scottish Government of the… Read More

Fitness Instructors in Scotland are to pay Councils to Hold Workout Sessions in Local Parks

Scottish fitness firms and instructors face a crackdown by local councils who are set to charge trainers for workout sessions in parks. East Lothian, East Renfrewshire and North Lanarkshire are asking commercial fitness groups to apply and pay for permits to hold classes in local parks. Other Scottish councils are understood to be considering similar policies. The move… Read More