Vegetarians & Meat Eaters: Heart Disease vs Stroke

Eating a vegetarian diet has been linked with a 22% lower risk of heart disease, but a 20% increased risk of stroke (Tong et al., 2019). Over a 10-year period, vegetarians had 10 fewer cases of heart disease per 1000 people than meat eaters, but three more cases of stroke. Reference Tong, T.Y.N., Appleby, P.N.,… Read More


Study Finds that Vegetarians have Lower Risk of Colorectal Cancers

Vegetarian diets are associated with an overall lower incidence of colorectal cancers, a large prospective cohort trial of Seventh Day Adventist men and women has found (Orlich et al., 2015). The US study, published online by JAMA Internal Medicine, included 77,659 men and women who were assessed by a food frequency questionnaire and categorised into… Read More