The Vegetable Game: A Bit Like Catchphrase!



Want a Tastier Meal?

Cooks make tastier food when they can see their customers. Researchers set up four scenarios in a real cafeteria for two weeks. In the first, diners and cooks could not view one another; In the second, the diners could see the cooks; In the third, the cooks could see the diners; and In the fourth,… Read More

Is what ends up on a buffet diner’s plate determined by the presentation order of food?

Research Paper Title Slim by Design: Serving Healthy Foods First in Buffet Lines Improves Overall Meal Selection. Background Each day, tens of millions of restaurant goers, conference attendees, college students, military personnel, and school children serve themselves at buffets; many being all-you-can-eat buffets. Knowing how the food order at a buffet triggers what a person… Read More