Want a Tastier Meal?

Cooks make tastier food when they can see their customers.

Researchers set up four scenarios in a real cafeteria for two weeks.

  • In the first, diners and cooks could not view one another;
  • In the second, the diners could see the cooks;
  • In the third, the cooks could see the diners; and
  • In the fourth, both the diners and the cooks were visible to one another.

The researchers timed the preparation and conducted surveys about the service and food. The results showed that when the cooks could see their patrons, the food quality got higher ratings (10%).

Berinato, S. (2014) Defend Your Research: Cooks Make Tastier Food When They Can See Their Customers. Harvard Business Review. November 2014, pp.34-35.



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