Does Submarine Deployment Impair Fat-Free Mass Maintenance & Promote Adiposity?

Research Paper Title Energy Expenditure and Changes in Body Composition during Submarine Deployment-An Observational Study “DasBoost 2-2017”. Background This study was designed to objectively assess the effects of 3-months submarine deployment on behavioural and metabolic determinants of metabolic health. Methods In 13 healthy, non-obese volunteers, the researchers used stable isotope dilution, and plasma and urinary… Read More


Free Non-mandatory Influenza Vaccination Rates among Korean Submariners

Research Paper Title Factors associated with vaccination status among Korean submariners who are eligible for free non-mandatory influenza vaccination. Background Submarine crews live in a confined setting and are vulnerable to influenza. Thus, it would be useful to identify factors that are associated with influenza vaccination. In this study, the researchers investigated the influenza vaccination… Read More

Navy SEALs: Inactivity & Deconditioning

Research Paper Title Aerobic Performance of Special Operations Forces Personnel after a Prolonged Submarine Deployment. Background The US Navy’s Sea, Air and Land Special Operations Forces personnel (SEALs) perform a physically demanding job that requires them to maintain fitness levels equivalent to elite athletes. As some missions require SEALs to be deployed aboard submarines for… Read More