DCLPA Formally Opened by Princess Royal

The Princess Royal heralded a new tri-Service training era as she formally opened the Defence College of Logistics, Policing and Administration. The colonel-in-chief of the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) was shown around the site at Worthy Down, which has been the focus of a £300 million transformation project over recent years. The state-of-the-art facility brings… Read More


What is the Combat Support Boat (CSB) Trailer Operator Driver Course?

Aim of the Course This course enables students to learn how to launch and recover using a Combat Support Boat (CSB) 76ft long trailer following and executing vehicle operating procedures and Health & Safety procedures. The course is assessed throughout both theoretically and practically. Facilitated by IDT(A). Entry Standards Phase 3 (STT) personnel – must… Read More

What is the Master Driver Course?

Aim of the Course To train personnel to be conversant in advising Brigades in assurance and governance in accordance with the management checks, Logistic Support Assurance Framework (LSAF). Refer to Transport Specialist. Facilitated by IDT(A). Entry Standards Staff Sergeant to Warrant Officer. Must have completed: DRSA (Defence Road Safety Advisor). RLC Transport Specialist Course or… Read More

What is the RLC’s Basic Photography Training Programme?

Introduction The Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) launched a new ‘Basic Photography Training’ programme in August 2020. Background Run by a Warrant Officer Class (WO2 (SQMS)) of the Video Production Team (VPT), the training intends to give an insight into basic-level photography, providing regular and reserve RLC personnel with the opportunity to learn how to use… Read More

What is a RLC Staff Car Driver?

Introduction Although “Driving a senior officer is seen by many as a rubbish job” (The Sustainer, 2020, p.12), RLC Staff Car Drivers hold a position of trust and responsibility. They may hear sensitive conversations, meaning a level of discretion is required. The Royal Logistics Corps (RLC), as the home of the Driver trade, owns the… Read More

First Female RLC Commando

In December 2020, Captain Eve Newton became the first female in the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) to pass the All Arms Commando Course (AACC). Newton completed the gruelling course without interruption, and joins an exclusive club of a handful of Service women to gain the coveted green beret. Newton is currently Admin Officer of 23… Read More

Number of Students on the RLC Movement Controller Courses, 2007-2015

Tables 1 and 2 outline the number of students on the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) movement controller class 1 and class 2 courses for the period 2007 to 2015. Table 1: RLC movement controller class 1 Training Year Number of Attendees Number Passed 2007/2008 25 20 2008/2009 15 15 2009/2010 15 15 2010/2011 15 15… Read More