What is the RLC’s Basic Photography Training Programme?


The Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) launched a new ‘Basic Photography Training’ programme in August 2020.


Run by a Warrant Officer Class (WO2 (SQMS)) of the Video Production Team (VPT), the training intends to give an insight into basic-level photography, providing regular and reserve RLC personnel with the opportunity to learn how to use digital cameras to better effect and develop an awareness of the rules and theory of photo composition – all with the idea of creating competent and confident ‘unit photographers’ at the end of it.

The first course was delivered in August 2020 with eight RLC soldiers.

Monthly courses were offered thereafter and proved very popular, such that plans were made to increase numbers on each course.

Aim of the Course

“The main aim of the course is to improve the photographic capability of the soldiers within the [RLC] Corps so they can be of further use to their squadrons and regiments and called upon, where necessary, to support the Headquarters”

Outline of Course

The course is split into two days, and consists of:

  • Day One:
    • Theory behind taking a good photograph and the different elements of composition including:
      • Patterns.
      • Texture.
      • Leading lines.
      • Rule of thirds.
      • Close up details.
      • Contrast.
    • Having focused on theory in the morning, students will then spend the afternoon practising these skills.
    • Debrief and individual feedback.
    • Tutorial on capturing images suitable for social media platforms and publications.
  • Day Two:
    • Students put new found skills into further practice with a day of photography.
    • Tasks include:
    • Taking ten pictures of one item.
    • Focusing on picking out different details.
    • Being given a ‘shot list” – A list of images including a moving object, person, pattern and landscape, that need to be taken in a particular time frame.

Post Course

Once the students are back in their units, they are encouraged to document key events such as squadron exercises or sporting opportunities in order to refine what they have learnt and to support output in the Corps HQ.


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