What is the Council of Corporals?


In line with the Commander Field Army’s (CFA’s) empowerment agenda Regiment’s have created the Commanding Officer’s (CO’s) Council of Corporals.

These junior non-commissioned officers (JNCO’s) will act as ‘Senior Corporals’ representing the best of class in the following categories:

  • Driver;
  • Supplier;
  • Communications specialist;
  • REME;
  • Mariner;
  • Port Operator;
  • Chef;
  • Leadership;
  • Personal and professional development (PPD);
  • Engagement, and
  • Wellbeing.


An example of the process for selection is shown through 1 Regiment RLC:

  • A selection panel was held on 27 Jul 2020, with (as panel members):
    • Field Army Command Sergeant Major;
    • 3 (UK) Division Sergeant Major;
    • 101 Logistics Brigade Sergeant Major;
    • Army HQ Command Warrant Officer; and
    • The Corps Sergeant Major.
  • 18 Corporals gave a five-minute presentation, before fielding questions from the panel members.

The Council is expected to provide technical expertise and the lived experience to the chain of command, as well as instigating several initiatives and training opportunities.


The Sustainer. (2020) 1 Regiment The Royal Logistics Corps. The Sustainer. Winter 2020.


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