What is Establishment Strength in the RLC Mariner Trade & the Royal Navy Seaman Trade

Below is the number, by rank, of: Mariner trade (formerly seaman/navigator trade) in the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC); Seaman Specialistion in the Royal Navy (RN); and Coxswain trade (aka Landing Craft (LC) specialisation) in the Royal Marines (RM). Table 1: Number of personnel by branch of military service and rank [1] Rank (Army/RN/RM) RLC [2]… Read More


Faster Horses Please…

“If I would have asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Attributed to Henry Ford (the car maker dude); although Patrick Vlaskovits suggests Ford never actually said this. If people had gotten faster horses rather than cars then the world would be a different place. For example, Ford introduced mass production… Read More

RLC Wins Women in Logistics UK Awards

In the face of stiff opposition from the likes of Royal Mail and OHL, the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) has been awarded Company of the Year 2015 at the Women in Logistics UK awards. This is the first time the military has triumphed in a competition that, not surprisingly, is dominated by leading civilian companies. It was given in recognition of… Read More