What is the Combat Support Boat (CSB) Trailer Operator Driver Course?

Aim of the Course This course enables students to learn how to launch and recover using a Combat Support Boat (CSB) 76ft long trailer following and executing vehicle operating procedures and Health & Safety procedures. The course is assessed throughout both theoretically and practically. Facilitated by IDT(A). Entry Standards Phase 3 (STT) personnel – must… Read More


What is the Specialist Driver Upgrading Class 2 to 1 (Royal Engineer) Course?

Aim of the Course The course training objectives are that of the 11T/0007 Specialist Driver Class 1 but is specifically for the use of the Royal Engineers vehicles and specialist equipment training. They will learn how to laden and unladen medium dump trucks and self loading dump trucks and carry out operating and administrative procedures… Read More

Combat Engineering is now a Specific Career Stream for Royal Engineers

Sappers will now be able to choose combat engineering as a specific career stream, the Royal Engineers have announced. Previously, members of the corps were trained in the role in addition to their main trade but thanks to a requirement for more specialists they will now be able to focus exclusively on this field, a… Read More

23 Parachute Engineer Regiment

In 2015, in formal recognition of its soldiers’ dual capability as paratroopers and combat engineering experts, 23 Engineer Regiment (Air Assault) became 23 Parachute Engineer Regiment. “Our job is to enable the brigade to live, move and fight…” (Clark, 2015, p.46). The part-time (Army Reserve) element of the Regiment, Wakefield-based 299 Parachute Squadron, has doubled its membership since 2014 and is on… Read More

Some Interesting Facts about the Corps of Royal Engineers

The Corps of Engineers was formed on 26 May 1716, consisting of only 28 officers. After expansion and many expeditions throughout the world, the Corps of Royal Engineers was formally established in 1856, consisting of both officers and other ranks. In 1875, the Royal Engineers Army Football Club won the FA Cup. In January 1879,… Read More

The Number of Royal Engineers Promoted to Corporal & Sergeant, 2014 & 2015

Table 1 outlines the percentage of Royal Engineer Lance Corporals (LCpl) promoted to Corporal (Cpl) and Corporals promoted to Sergeant (Sgt) during the 2014 and 2015 promotion selection boards, for their 1st to 6th ‘looks’. Table 1: Number selected for promotion to Corporal or Sergeant Promotion Board 1st 2nd 3erd 4th 5th 6th Total Selected… Read More