Combat Engineering is now a Specific Career Stream for Royal Engineers

Sappers will now be able to choose combat engineering as a specific career stream, the Royal Engineers have announced.

Previously, members of the corps were trained in the role in addition to their main trade but thanks to a requirement for more specialists they will now be able to focus exclusively on this field, a move that could improve promotion prospects and the variety of jobs open to them.

During the latter half of 2014 the ‘Sheep Dip’ at CTCRM received a complete revamp.

Among those initially eligible are signallers, drivers, plant operators and logistics specialists from sapper up to sergeant, as well as geographical technicians at lance corporal or below.

Anyone who has not yet obtained their class one qualification in any of the artisan or design trades can also apply, but the option is not open to search and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) personnel.

Lieutenant Colonel Stu Brown (RE) from Headquarters Royal Engineers said: “We want to get the first batch transferred by April 1.” “If you want to be in that your application needs to be at the Army Personnel Centre by February 28.”

“It’s a great opportunity and the corps needs a select few to do it.” Those unsuccessful on their first try can reapply in the future.

Approximately 60 sappers per year will be accepted into the career stream.

For full details read people policy note 1908 on the RHQ RE sharepoint.


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