Some Interesting Facts about the Corps of Royal Engineers

The Corps of Engineers was formed on 26 May 1716, consisting of only 28 officers.

After expansion and many expeditions throughout the world, the Corps of Royal Engineers was formally established in 1856, consisting of both officers and other ranks.

In 1875, the Royal Engineers Army Football Club won the FA Cup.

In January 1879, the famous defence of Rourke’s Drift during the Zulu War takes place. 139 British troops against about 4,500 Zulus. In command was Lieutenant John Chard, Royal Engineers.

Joining in 2013, Lance Corporal Victoria became the first female Armoured Engineer.

In 2016, the Corps of Royal Engineers celebrated 300 years of successful military engineering around the world.

Royal engineer soldiers are known as sappers. They are multi-skilled soldiers, combat engineers and tradesmen. They provide essential support to all areas of the British Army in peacetime and on operations.

There are a number of specialised trades in the Corps of Royal Engineers including:


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