What is a RLC Staff Car Driver?


Although “Driving a senior officer is seen by many as a rubbish job” (The Sustainer, 2020, p.12), RLC Staff Car Drivers hold a position of trust and responsibility. They may hear sensitive conversations, meaning a level of discretion is required.

The Royal Logistics Corps (RLC), as the home of the Driver trade, owns the majority of the Staff Car Driver positions (The Sustainer, 2020).

You can learn more about the Staff Car Driver Course here.


  • Lance Corporal to Warrant Officer Class 2.
    • For Lance Corporal to Staff Sergeant, there are 48 positions in total.
  • Courses Required:
    • Defence Staff Car Course:
      • Two weeks.
      • Must first get an Assignment Order to drive a 1-Star or above.
      • Applications go through the Corps HQ Training Operations Cell who allocate the course spaces.
    • Blue Light Immediate Response Course:
      • Two weeks.
      • Delivered by Police HQ Lancashire Constabulary.
    • Civilian Armoured Vehicle Course:
      • If the car driven is armoured.


Staff Car Drivers may serve in the UK or overseas, for example Supreme Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Belgium. Travel can include the UK, Europe, and US.

“Staff car driving offers the opportunity to serve in a huge variety of locations at a variety of ranks, with the chance to work directly for a 4-Star General.” (The Sustainer, 2020, p.12).

Example Outline of Duties

This is for driving a a 4-Star at SHAPE:

  • Ensure all vehicles (1 in UK and 1 in Belgium) are clean, serviced, and legal at all times.
  • Ensure co-ordination of timings and reconnaissance for all routes within the UK and NW Europe are carried out.
  • Co-ordination with the rest of staff on VIP movements.
  • The booking, via email, of police escort bikes for official NATO visits (as required).
  • To produce drivers rotation (both drivers liaise) and publish on DSACEUR’s calendar, and check the calendar on a regular basis.
  • To ensure the security of NATO sensitive documents when in transit.
  • To complete any other taskings from the outer office.
  • Pick up VIPs visiting on official business.

Example Jobs

JobLocationRank to Fill [1]Driving Who
Army HQ Driver AAndover (Monxton Road)OR-7/8Chief of the General Staff (CGS)
COMMARRC House SNCO & DriverGloucester (Imjin Barracks)OR-7Commander Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (COMMARRC)
CDSLondon (Main Building)OR-6/7Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS)
VCDSLondon (Main Building)OR-6Vice CDS
HQ FD ARM COMD GPAndover (Monxton Road)OR-6Commander Field Army
BFCypEpiskopi (Salamance Barracks)OR-6Commander British Forces Cyprus
NATO-ACO-SHAPECasteauOR-6Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (DSACEUR)
NATO-CMCBrusselsOR-6Chairman of the NATO Military Committee (CMC)
NATO-ACO-JFC HQ BRUNSSUMBrunssum (Graakalen)OR-6Deputy Commander (Dcom)
Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJH)QNorthwood (Sandy Lane)OR-4Chief of Joint Operations (CJO)
PJHQNorthwood (Sandy Lane)OR-4Chief of Staff – Operations (COS OPS)
DCDS (OPS)London (Main Building)OR-4Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (DCDS) Military Strategy
CDILondon (Main Building)OR-4Chief of Defence Intelligence (CDI DVR)
DSA MAABristol (Abbeywood)OR-4Director Operations and Assurance, Military Aviation Authority (DSA MAA Dvr)
DSA MAABristol Abbeywood)OR-4DSA MAA (2)


  • OR-8: Warrant Officer Class 2.
  • OR-7: Colour/Staff Sergeant.
  • OR-5/6: Sergeant.
  • OR-4: Corporal.
  • OR-3: Lance Corporal.


The Sustainer. (2020) RLC Staff Car Driver. The Sustainer. Winter 2020, pp.11-12.


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