Number of Students on the RLC Movement Controller Courses, 2007-2015

Tables 1 and 2 outline the number of students on the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) movement controller class 1 and class 2 courses for the period 2007 to 2015. Table 1: RLC movement controller class 1 Training Year Number of Attendees Number Passed 2007/2008 25 20 2008/2009 15 15 2009/2010 15 15 2010/2011 15 15… Read More


Defence College of Technical Training: An MOD Case Study

Research Paper Title Case Study – Ministry of Defence. Abstract For four years between 2009 and 2013 Colonel Garry Hearn, a serving army officer with over 35 years’ experience, was the principal of a large, then Defence College for Communications and Information Systems (renamed Defence School of CIS in 2012). This was a multi-site college with over 1,000 staff, 600 of which were trainers… Read More