Post-Deployment: Violent Behaviour & UK Military Reservists

Research Paper Title Violent behaviour among military reservists. Background Large numbers of British and American Reservists have been deployed to operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Little is known about the impact of deployment and combat exposure on violent behaviour in Reservists. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of self-reported violent behaviour… Read More


Physical Characteristics & Performance of Tactical Personnel: Full-Time versus Part-Time

Research Paper Title Differences in Physical Characteristics and Performance Measures of Part-Time and Full- Time Tactical Personnel: A Critical Narrative Review. Background Tactical personnel such as military, law enforcement and fire and rescue personnel routinely perform physically strenuous occupational tasks, requiring strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Tactical populations are comprised of part-time and full-time personnel, with… Read More

Could Ex-Forces Personnel Answer Your Skills Shortages?

Former service men and women offer businesses an unparalleled skillset, says Hayley Kirton (a blogger on the People Management website): The UK Commission’s Employer Skills Survey 2013 reported that there were 655,000 job vacancies caused by skills shortages last year. Of those, between one-third and two-fifths were caused by a lack of applicants with soft… Read More

Hire A Squaddie, Bag A Bonus (Maybe!)

The UK Government has hinted that employers could be given hundreds of pounds if they hire a reservist, in a move aimed at bolstering the UK’s part-time Army. Defence secretary Philip Hammond confirmed that a cash bonus was being considered to help businesses – particularly SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) – employ staff who are… Read More