The Art & Science of Warfare…

“Instruction in the art and science of warfare through training and education is the time tested method for molding combat leaders. Training provides the means to complete a job or an assignment. It can be given directly to an individual or to a larger group or unit. Education provides for intellectual development and the cultivation… Read More


What is the Pass Rate for the Joint Air Intelligence Course (2014-2016)?

The Joint Air Intelligence Course (JAIC) is delivered by the Joint Intelligence Training Group (JITG), formerly known as the Defence Intelligence and Security Centre (DISC). The JAIC caters for a maximum of 16 students per course. Table 1 highlights the pass rate for the JAIC between 2014 and 2017. Table 1: Pass Rates of JAIC… Read More

What is the Number of Applicants Accepted into British Officer Training?

Below is the number of applicants accepted into British officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) of the British Army and the Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) of the Royal Navy by school type. Table 1: RMAS Entrants by School Type Training Year Independent School State School Total 2012/2013 280 320 590 2013/2014… Read More

A Knowledge of Strategy & Grammar…

“The rules of strategy are few and simple. They may be learned in a week. They may be taught by familiar illustrations or a dozen diagrams. But such knowledge will no more teach a man to lead an army like Napoleon than a knowledge of grammar will teach him to write like Gibbon.” George Henderson… Read More

The Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS) Course

What is the RCDS Course? The Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS) course is a post-graduate level course in international strategic studies focusing on, political, diplomatic, security, social and economic related issues at the grand strategic level – the level at which governments take decisions on these issues both nationally and within the international community. Issues are analysed… Read More

Danish Officer Career Management System (2001)

The Danish military officer system is in a state of transition. In both old and new systems, officers are required to serve until mandatory retirement points. The old system’s retirement points were: Generals at age 65; Colonels and lieutenant colonels at age 62; and Majors at age 52. Under the new system, all officers, regardless of rank,… Read More

Norwegian Officer Career Management System (2001)

In principle, the Norwegian officer system is a full-career long-term profession that allows officers to complete a 40-year career or retire at age 60, whichever comes first, with two-thirds pay as a pension. There are few NCOs in Norway’s armed forces, and the officer corps fulfills many of the responsibilities traditionally performed by NCOs. This practice results… Read More