Soldier to Marshal…

“Every French soldier carries in his cartridge pouch the baton of a marshal of France.” Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 to 1821) Also known as Napoleon I, the Corsican or the Little Corporal, he was a French general, first consul of France (1799-1804), and emperor of the French (1804-1814/15), one of the most celebrated personages in the… Read More


What is a “Tarpaulin” Sailor?

“In the early 16th century, the modern navies acquired officers from the ranks of enlisted sailors, who had worked their way up to command. These officers are known as “tarpaulin” sailors. They were from very modest families, but were highly experienced with ship handling and naval warfare. The respective navies of the world powers grew… Read More

Number of Royal Signals LE Commission Applicants, 2012-2014

Below is the number of Late Entry (LE) commissions for Royal Signals applicants between 2012 and 2014. Table 1: Number of Royal Signals LE commissions Term 2012 2013 2014 Total number of applicants 42 42 47 Number of successful applicants 21 20 28 Number who were Communications Specialists N/A N/A N/A Number who were Technician… Read More