New Military Families Jobs Portal

A website to help military families into meaningful employment has been set up. Visit to browse jobs and training opportunities. The portal was set up by the Army, Naval and Royal Air Force Families Federations. Advertisements


Performance Management: Amazon Performance Tools & Business Practice Osmosis

Real-time performance management enters a new era. At first glance, Amazon’s now infamous Anytime Feedback Tool – which employees can use to submit reports to managers about each others’s performance – might look like a hi-tech way to gossip about your colleagues. But, when you combine it with the online retailer’s Organisational Level Review performance… Read More

Recruiters’ vs Usain Bolt

Did you know that nine seconds is now the average amount of time recruiters spend browsing a CV? Quicker than Usain Bolt can run 100 metres. Half of them have only six seconds to spare thanks to the increasing pressures of filling positions, says a poll for National Citizen Service. The findings suggests recruitment is… Read More