What is the Health Potential of a Low Glycaemic Index Diet?

Stephen Colagiuri, writing in the British Medical Journal, suggests that the case for the health potential of a low glycaemic index diet is”Clear for people with diabetes but evidence is weaker for those without.” What we eat affects our health, but there is considerable debate about the optimal diet. Consequently, the general public is bewildered… Read More


Low Glycaemic Index Diet Fails to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Study Shows

An article by Susan Mayor in the British Medical Journal (BMJ): Overweight people eating a low glycaemic index diet show no difference in cardiovascular risk factors or insulin sensitivity compared with those consuming a high glycaemic index diet, a randomised trial has shown. The glycaemic index is a property of some carbohydrate containing foods determined… Read More

Article: Cardiovascular Risk, Diabetes & Weight Loss

Cardiovascular risk can be improved in people with type 2 diabetes by reducing blood glucose concentrations and lipid profiles and by weight loss. A systematic review of dietary interventions included 20 randomised controlled trials. Glycaemic control improved more with low carbohydrate, low glycaemic index, Mediterranean, and high protein diets than with control diets; the Mediterranean… Read More