4 Ways to Improve Flexibility

Introduction Flexibility is commonly defined as the ability to bend easily and without breaking, although it is not often thought of in these precise terms with regard to the human body. However, this definition underscores the importance of flexibility in our day-to-day lives; it speaks to healthy abilities in our joints and muscle groups. You… Read More


Choosing the Right Type of Massage Post-Workout

Introduction 63% of people in the UK are physically active and are into a regular exercise routine or sport. It goes without saying that a good number of these active people will have probably experienced delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) at one time or another. DOMS may occur when you: Begin a new exercise regimen; Change… Read More

Components of Physical Fitness

Muscular Strength: The amount of force that a muscle or a group of muscles can exert for one repetition, i.e. crunches. Muscular Endurance: The capacity of the same muscle or group of muscles to sustain a series of repetitive contractions, i.e. crunches. Flexibility: The range of movement of a specific joint or group of joints, i.e. quadriceps… Read More