Can Participation in HIIT Improve Cognitive Function & Mental Health in Children & Adolescents?

Research Paper Title Review of High-Intensity Interval Training for Cognitive and Mental Health in Youth. Background High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has emerged as a time-efficient strategy to improve children’s and adolescents’ health-related fitness in comparison to traditional training methods. However, little is known regarding the effects on cognitive function and mental health. Therefore, the aim… Read More


Obesity: TV Watching Up & Blood Pressure Down!

A study of BMI-defined obesity among children and adolescents in the general English population did its best to measure activity levels by questionnaire and, where it could, by acceleromtery (Coombs & Stamatakis, 2015). The study found that television viewing, and not other forms of objectively measured or questionnaire-based sedentary time, was associated with obesity in… Read More

An Intervention for Childhood Obesity Prevention

Research Paper Title Smart-Phone Obesity Prevention Trial for Adolescent Boys in Low-Income Communities: The ATLAS RCT. Background The goal of this study was to evaluate the impact of the Active Teen Leaders Avoiding Screen-time (ATLAS) intervention for adolescent boys, an obesity prevention intervention using smartphone technology. Methods ATLAS was a cluster randomised controlled trial conducted… Read More

What’s Been Happening to Children’s Resting Pulse Rates Since 1980?

I think we can safely state that adults, across the centuries, have worried that the children of the next generation will be soft and unfit for the rigours of life. The latest explanation of this Spartan anxiety comes in a study of resting pulse rates in 9-11 year old children in the UK between 1980… Read More

Mode of Travel & Physical Activity Levels in Children

Research Paper Title Is a Change in Mode of Travel to School Associated with a Change in Overall Physical Activity Levels in Children? Longitudinal Results from the SPEEDY Study. Background Children who use active modes of travel (walking or cycling) to school are more physically active than those who use passive (motorised) modes. However, less… Read More

Reviewing Intervention Effects on Children’s Physical Activity

Research Paper Title Systematic Review of Intervention Effects on Potential Mediators of Children’s Physical Activity. Background Many interventions aiming to increase children’s physical activity have been developed and implemented in a variety of settings, and these interventions have previously been reviewed. However the focus of these reviews tends to be on the intervention effects on… Read More