What is the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services (US)?

Introduction The Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA (formally the Military Ordinariate of Archdiocese for the Military Services of the United States) is a Latin Church ecclesiastical jurisdiction or archdiocese that provides the Catholic Church’s pastoral and spiritual services to those serving in the armed forces of the United States and their dependents and to… Read More


Who was Charles J. Watters?

Introduction Charles Joseph Watters (17 January 1927 to 19 November 1967) was a chaplain (major) in the United States Army and Roman Catholic priest. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honour for bravery exhibited while rescuing wounded men in the Vietnam War‘s Battle of Dak To. Born in 1927, Watters joined the Air National… Read More

Obvious Discipline…

“It ought now to be obvious that the best type of discipline will evolve from the following circumstances: (1) When the leader knows the individuals who make up his group. (2) When the individuals who make up the group know the leader. (3) When the leader identifies himself with the group in every possible way.… Read More

Life & Leadership…

“Leadership is indeed a way of life.” Norman Copeland (1900 to 1995) Norman Copeland (1942) Psychology and the Soldier. First American Edition Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: The Military Service Publishing Company. Available from World Wide Web: https://collections.nlm.nih.gov/ext/dw/14320680R/PDF/14320680R.pdf. [Accessed: 25 January, 2020]. The book was initially published in 1942 in the US and then in 1944 in the… Read More

Describing the British Army’s Chaplaincy between 1796 & 1844

Research Paper Title An Age of Negligence? British Army Chaplaincy, 1796 – 1844. Abstract British army chaplaincy, until more recent times, is a subject which has been sadly overlooked by historians. This thesis seeks to help fill that gap; it is a study which explores the origins and development of the early Army Chaplains’ Department.… Read More