What are Peace Churches?

Introduction Peace churches are Christian churches, groups or communities advocating Christian pacifism or Biblical non-resistance. The term historic peace churches refers specifically only to three church groups among pacifist churches: In addition to the Schwarzenau Brethren and Mennonites, other Anabaptist Christian fellowships, such as the Hutterian Brethren, River Brethren, Apostolic Christian Church and Bruderhof teach… Read More


An Overview of Religion and Peacebuilding

Introduction Religion and peacebuilding refer to the study of religion’s role in the development of peace. Nathan C. Funk and Christina J. Woolner categorise these approaches into three models. The first is “peace through religion alone”. This proposes to attain world peace through devotion to a given religion. Opponents claim that advocates generally want to… Read More

What is the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services (US)?

Introduction The Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA (formally the Military Ordinariate of Archdiocese for the Military Services of the United States) is a Latin Church ecclesiastical jurisdiction or archdiocese that provides the Catholic Church’s pastoral and spiritual services to those serving in the armed forces of the United States and their dependents and to… Read More

Linking US Military Personnel, Religion, & PTSD

Research Paper Title Hope, Religiosity, and Mental Health in U.S. Veterans and Active Duty Military with PTSD Symptoms. Background Many studies have linked hope with better mental health and lower risk of suicide. This is especially true in those who have experienced severe physical or emotional trauma. Religious involvement is associated with greater hope. The… Read More

Education, Religion & Clever Devils…

“Educate men without religion and you make of them but clever devils.” Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (1769 to 1852) Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, KG, GCB, GCH, PC, FRS was an Anglo-Irish soldier and Tory statesman who was one of the leading military and political figures of 19th-century Britain, serving twice as… Read More

What is the Strength of UK Regulars by Religion?

Notwithstanding the major religions, the UK Armed Forces has a number of Regular personnel with a variety of other religions (see Table below). Religion [1] Naval Service [2] Army RAF Baha’i – ¬ – Druid ¬ ¬ 10 Jainist – – ¬ Kirati ¬ 120 ¬ Pagan 30 90 30 Rastafarian 40 160 20 Spiritualist 10… Read More

Describing the British Army’s Chaplaincy between 1796 & 1844

Research Paper Title An Age of Negligence? British Army Chaplaincy, 1796 – 1844. Abstract British army chaplaincy, until more recent times, is a subject which has been sadly overlooked by historians. This thesis seeks to help fill that gap; it is a study which explores the origins and development of the early Army Chaplains’ Department.… Read More