Not Just for War: Peace Education

Introduction Peace education is the process of acquiring values, knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviours to live in harmony with oneself, others, and the natural environment. There are numerous United Nations (UN) declarations and resolutions on the importance of peace. Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General, dedicated the International Day of Peace 2013 to peace education… Read More


An Overview of the Global Peace Index

Introduction Global Peace Index (GPI) is a report produced by the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) which measures the relative position of nations’ and regions’ peacefulness. The GPI ranks 163 independent states and territories (collectively accounting for 99.7% of the world’s population) according to their levels of peacefulness. In the past decade, the GPI… Read More

What is the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia?

Introduction The Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA) is an inter-governmental forum for enhancing cooperation towards promoting peace, security and stability in Asia. It is a forum based on the recognition that there is a close link between peace, security and stability in Asia and in the rest of the world. The… Read More

What is Peace Direct?

Introduction Peace Direct is a charity based in London, England which supports grassroots peacebuilders in areas of conflict. Peace Direct focuses on supporting grassroots peacebuilders who are local to the conflict and have a clear vision of what needs to be achieved. Peace Direct funds this work, promotes it and learns from it. The current… Read More

What is the Global Peace System?

Introduction Global Peace System is a concept of global conflict resolution dependent on nonviolent processes to eradicate war. It relies upon a multi-strand approach to conflict resolution, incorporating broad social and political solutions. In contemporary peace and conflict studies, the concept of a global peace system has been evolving since the 1940s around the theory… Read More

What is the Concept of World Peace?

Introduction World peace, or peace on Earth, is the concept of an ideal state of peace within and among all people and nations on Planet Earth. Different cultures, religions, philosophies, and organisations have varying concepts on how such a state would come about. Various religious and secular organisations have the stated aim of achieving world… Read More

What is Territorial Peace Theory?

Introduction The territorial peace theory finds that the stability of a country’s borders has a large influence on the political climate of the country. Peace and stable borders foster a democratic and tolerant climate, while territorial conflicts with neighbour countries have far-reaching consequences for both individual-level attitudes, government policies, conflict escalation, arms races, and war.… Read More