Obvious Discipline…

“It ought now to be obvious that the best type of discipline will evolve from the following circumstances:

(1) When the leader knows the individuals who make up his group.

(2) When the individuals who make up the group know the leader.

(3) When the leader identifies himself with the group in every possible way.

(4) When the whole group is a team inspired by the enthusiasm of the leader.

(5) When the team has a high standard of esprit de corps.

(6) When the team is well-instructed, keen and efficient.”

Norman Copeland (1900 to 1995)

Norman Copeland (1942) Psychology and the Soldier. First American Edition Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: The Military Service Publishing Company.

Available from World Wide Web: https://collections.nlm.nih.gov/ext/dw/14320680R/PDF/14320680R.pdf. [Accessed: 25 January, 2020].

The book was initially published in 1942 in the US and then in 1944 in the UK. Afterwards it was several times reissued, among them twice – in former Soviet Union, in 1958 and 1991, But there was little about the author.

Copeland was appointed as Chaplain to the Forces 4th Class in 1929. He served in more than a dozen postings all over the world and finished his service as Chaplain of Rhine District, British Army of the Rhine in 1954. In the rank of Chaplain to the Forces 2nd Class Copeland was retired from Army service 31st March 1954. He served as chaplain to the Military College of Science from 25 April 1941 to 19 January 1942.


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