What to be a Special Observer?

A Special Observer is a unique and immensely rewarding role.

Service is open to all arms and services, both regular and reserve, subject to completion of the Surveillance and Reconnaissance Patrol course.

Service as a Special Observer qualifies personnel for additional pay and specialist courses.

Personnel serving as a Reservist in the British Army, Royal Navy or RAF Reserve, or a Regular soldier considering a transfer to the Army Reserve, and are interested in pursuing a career as a Special Observer contact the HAC:

  • Email: hac-recruiting-mailbox@mod.gov.uk or
  • Phone: 020 7448 0703.

The next Surveillance and Reconnaissance Patrol course for Reservists runs from March 2020 to November 2020.

Regular personnel interested in pursuing a career as a Special Observer should contact 4/73 (Special OP) Battery:

  • Email: 5RA-473BTY-BTO@mod.gov.uk; or
  • Phone: 01748 875 639.

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