What is the Risk of Musculoskeletal Injury for Women in Infantry Training?

Research Paper Title Understanding the musculoskeletal injury risk of women in combat: the effect of infantry training and sex on musculoskeletal injury incidence during British Army basic training. Background Until recently, women were excluded from British combat roles. Their risk for musculoskeletal injury during basic training is two to three times higher than men. To… Read More


Soviet Chivalry & Witches…

“All adults not involved in essential war work were conscripted into the armed forces. By 1944 there were over two million women serving in the Red Army. In a small touch of chivalry amidst the carnage and suffering, the government made the soap ration for female soldiers 100 grams more than for the men. Special… Read More

Women in the Canadian Armed Forces: Did You Know?

Canadian women have served in virtually every armed conflict or peacekeeping effort Canada has engaged in during the past century and a half. Women served with distinction in the Boer War and the First and Second World wars. In 1987, the Canadia Air Force opened all positions to women. In 1989, all military occupations were… Read More

First Female Officers Graduate RAF Regiment Training

The first female RAF Regiment Officers have successfully completed the 25-week course required to become members of the RAF Regiment and graduated at RAF Honington, Suffolk, on 08 August 2020. Flying Officer Emma Graves (22) of Verwood, Dorset, knew that a military career was for her and chose to earn her commission in the RAF… Read More

Are Female Service Personnel prepared for the Demands of Full Active Duty in the First Year Postpartum?

Research Paper Title Female UK Army Service Personnel Are at Greater Risk of Work-Related Morbidity on Return to Duty Postpartum. Background The 2016 Interim Report on the Health Risks to Women in Ground Close Combat Roles highlighted an increased risk of skeletal injury and significant physiological changes, including increased ligament laxity and decreased bone mineral… Read More

First Woman to Graduate US Special Forces Training

A female US National Guard soldier is set to graduate US Army Special Forces training, donning the coveted Green Beret, at the end of the month. She passed Robin Sage, a unique Unconventional Warfare exercise and the culminating event in the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC; Q course), earlier this week. Reports suggest she passed… Read More

How Many Women Have Expressed Interest in the Royal Marines (2018-2019)?

Table 1 outlines the number of female expressions of interest (EOI) to the Royal Marines by calendar year for 2018 and 2019. Type/Year 2018 2019 Royal Marines Officer 150 120 Royal Marines Other Rank 710 1070 Royal Marines Band Service 290 180 Total 1150 1380 Table 2 outlines the number of females by selection and… Read More