How Many Women Have Expressed Interest in the Royal Marines (2018-2019)?

Table 1 outlines the number of female expressions of interest (EOI) to the Royal Marines by calendar year for 2018 and 2019.

Royal Marines Officer150120
Royal Marines Other Rank7101070
Royal Marines Band Service290180
Dr Lara Herbert, then a Royal Navy Lieutenant, is the second woman to complete the All Arms Commando Course, and the first to complete in one go.

Table 2 outlines the number of females by selection and training element for the Royal Marines.

Selection/Training ElementNumber
Attend the Pre-Potential Royal Marines Commando Fitness Test20
Attended the Potential Royal Marines Course/Potential Officer Course~
Offered a place in Recruit Training~
Declined an offered place in Recruit Training¬
Started training~
In process of setting a date/have set a date to begin training¬


  • Figures, in both tables, have been rounded to the nearest 10 in line with disclosure control policy.
  • Figures ending in 5 are rounded to the nearest 20 to avoid bias, 5 or fewer is represented by ~, and 0 is represented by ¬.
  • Figures in Table 2 consist of Officer and Other Rank applications only.
  • EOI are sourced from multiple channels, with a majority through social media, meaning no measure of genuine intent can be assumed from the figures above as opposed to a ‘walk in’ to a military careers office.


FOI 2019/13766 dated 29 January 2020.


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