FootStriker: A ‘Shocking’ New Aid to Develop Running Technique

As a qualified running coach I appreciate how difficult it can be to change an individual’s running technique. Trying to convince/develop runners to land on the front of their feet rather than the back can be a tricky task. However, there is now another method available to coaches: “CHANGING your running style can be tricky. Perhaps… Read More


Running Coaches & Recreational/Competitive Runners

“You don’t have to be a running coach to improve someone’s ability to run.” (Fountain, 2017, p.21) In 2015, the number of weekly runners in England rose by 63,000 to 2.1 million according to Sport England’s Active People Survey. Sport England now uses the  Active Lives Survey and the latest data (2015-16, Year 1 Report) reports… Read More

Recreational Running & Women: What Are The Health Effects?

Research Paper Title Health Effects of Recreational Running in Women: Some Epidemiological and Preventive Aspects. Abstract Estimated maximum oxygen uptake of middle-aged non-elite road race entrants is around 45 to 50 ml/kg/min, which is 40 to 100% higher than values from the female general population. Endurance training, low bodyweight, and nonsmoking of runners explain part of,… Read More

Recreational Running Course

As I am attending the Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach course this weekend, I decided this weeks posts would be running related. Although I have previously coached clients for running training, I never got an accredited qualification (just in-house recognition as a coach). I will be completing my 1-day (0830 to 1700) course with… Read More

New: Run!

For some outdoor fitness, fitness boot camp and military fitness providers, running is an integral component of the training philosophy. As a result, a new section of the blog is dedicated to the art and science of running. The Running Handbook is the first contribution to this section and can be located under the main page… Read More