Does Standing Up Produce Sharper Minds?

Office desks at which you stand are all the rage. Abundant evidence suggests that sitting down for long periods is bad for health, and that working standing up is thus better for you. But is it better for the job? A piece of research just published in Psychological Science by Yaniv Mama of Ariel University,… Read More


Military Executives: Linking Work, Fitness & Medical Conditions

Research Paper Title An Evaluation of the Significance of Work-Related Influence Factors on Fitness and the Development of Medical and Orthopaedic Conditions in Military Executives. Background Occupational health promotion is an effective tool to improve the state of health of employees. As part of occupational health promotion in the German Bundeswehr, top-ranking military executives are… Read More

Recreational Running & Women: What Are The Health Effects?

Research Paper Title Health Effects of Recreational Running in Women: Some Epidemiological and Preventive Aspects. Abstract Estimated maximum oxygen uptake of middle-aged non-elite road race entrants is around 45 to 50 ml/kg/min, which is 40 to 100% higher than values from the female general population. Endurance training, low bodyweight, and nonsmoking of runners explain part of,… Read More

The London Bicycle Sharing System: Any Good?

Research Paper Title Health Effects of the London Bicycle Sharing System: Health Impact Modelling Study. Study Question What are the likely effects on health of the London bicycle sharing system? Summary Answer Using the actual number of injuries observed to date among cycle hire users, the benefits clearly outweighed harms among both male and female users. However,… Read More

Children: Fit for School?

Research Paper Title The Fit for School Health Outcome Study – A Longitudinal Survey to Assess Health Impacts of an Integrated School Health Programme in the Philippines. Background Child health in many low- and middle-income countries lags behind international goals and affects children’s education, well-being, and general development. Large-scale school health programmes can be effective in… Read More