What is the Link between Horse Riding & RAF Pilots?

Did you know that the Royal Air Force (RAF) has a long tradition of equestrianism (aka horse riding)? Horse riding has its roots in the Royal Flying Corps (RFC), the air arm of the British Army from 1912 to the First World War, when it merged with the Royal Naval Air Service on 01 April… Read More


Rickettsial Infection & Reconnaissance

Research Paper Title An unusual outbreak of Rickettsial infection among army soldiers engaged in reconnaissance mission in Northern Sri Lanka. Abstract Rickettsial infections (RI) are re-emerging in Sri Lanka. Sero-epidemiological studies show that Spotted Fever Group (SFG) is more prevalent in the Central hilly part of Sri Lanka while Scrub Typhus (ST) is predominantly seen in peripheral… Read More

Camouflage Required…

“The Boers ‘will not play the game fairly’, said one of the soldiers. Ralph drew a different lesson. Those gleaming insignia, the stars and buttons and buckles of the professional soldier, were all very well in the drawing-room. In the sunshine of the veld they blazed like a heliograph. Against an invisible enemy, the British… Read More