What is the Unit Cost for Employing & Maintaining a Royal Marines Commando?

The capitation rate for a basic Royal Marine Commando for the financial year 2014-2015 was £30,510.00. This rate included pay, National Insurance and pension contributions. The capitation rate did not include unit costs or career training costs. Reference FOI 2014/01587 dated 02 June 2014. Advertisements


What is the X-Factor?

Not to be confused with a certain TV show, the X-Factor is a pensionable addition to pay that recognises the special conditions of service experienced by members of the British Armed Forces compared with civilian employment. It accounts for a range of potential advantages and disadvantages which cannot be evaluated when assessing pay comparability. The… Read More

What is the Unpleasant Work Allowance (UWA)?

The Unpleasant Work Allowance (UWA) is designed to compensate Service personnel for operating in conditions involving: An exceptional degree of discomfort or fatigue; or Exposure to noxious substances beyond that compensated for by X-Factor. Similarly, it is paid for a range of activities that Service personnel may be expected to undertake which fall outside their… Read More

What is the Purpose of the Recruitment & Retention Allowance (London)?

The intent of Recruitment and Retention Allowance (London) (RRA(L)) is to counter reluctance to serve in designated London locations by contributing to the higher costs encountered during an assignment to the capital and by compensating for the reduced quality of the infrastructure supporting both the living and working environment. RRA(L) also recognises: The stress of… Read More

What are the Elements in the British Armed Forces Pay Model?

Elements in the UK military’s wider-pay model include: Core pay; Recruitment and Retention Pay (RRP); Supplements; X-Factor; Bespoke pay spines; Financial Retention Incentives (RTI); and Golden Hellos. Reference AFPRB (Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body). (2018) Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body Forty-Seventh Report 2018. Available from World Wide Web: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/armed-forces-pay-review-body-forty-seventh-report-2018. [Accessed: 22 January, 2019].

Recruitment & Retention Payments (2018)

Recruitment and retention payments (RRP) are paid to specific groups where there are long-standing recruitment and/or retention issues involving difficulties specific to some cadres or where external market competitive pressures exist. These payments are made where the Ministry of Defence (MOD) does not consider a bespoke pay spine is warranted. Bespoke pay spines provide a… Read More

MOD Pay: London Weighting

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has two levels of London Weighting. These are fixed sums of: £3,000 for Inner London; and £1,500 for Outer London. Separately, MOD Police serving in London receive an annual allowance of £3,327 which is linked to Home Office payments. The MOD does not have any other form of geographical weighting… Read More