What are the Effects of Caffeine on Marksmanship Accuracy & Reaction Time?

Research Paper Title The effects of caffeine on marksmanship accuracy and reaction time: a systematic review. Background Military and law enforcement personnel are required to maintain optimal marksman accuracy and reaction time during extended duty hours amidst environmental stressors. Although caffeine is commonly used to mitigate the consequences of fatigue, the effects of caffeine on… Read More


How Does Sleep Restriction & Cognitive Load affect Performance on a Simulated Marksmanship Task?

Research Paper Title Sleep restriction and cognitive load affect performance on a simulated marksmanship task. Background Sleep restriction degrades cognitive and motor performance, which can adversely impact job performance and increase the risk of accidents. Military personnel are prone to operating under sleep restriction, and previous work suggests that military marksmanship may be negatively affected… Read More

Comparing the Personality Traits & Perception of Müller-Lyer Illusion in Male Chinese Military Soldiers & University Students

Research Paper Title Personality Traits and Perception of Müller-Lyer Illusion in Male Chinese Military Soldiers and University Students. Background In military personnel, performance such as gun-shooting precision relies on factors such as the ability to resist visual illusion, and this misperception of visual stimulus might be linked with sensation seeking related personality. Methods The researchers… Read More

Tactics & Marksmanship…

“Good tactics have saved more lives than good marksmanship.” Accredited to Charles Heal (2012) References Heal, C.S. (2012). Field Command [Kindle Edition]. Brooklyn, NY: Lantern Books . Fred on Sun (2015) The Newhall Incident: Failure, Adaptation and Success…Or Lost Opportunity? Published in the latest ITOA News. Available from World Wide Web: http://www.lesc.net/blog/newhall-incident-failure-adaptation-and-success%E2%80%A6or-lost-opportunity. [Accessed: 11 December, 2016].