Dosimetry, Hearing Loss & Tactical Environments

Research Paper Title Noise dosimetry for tactical environments. Abstract Noise exposure and the subsequent hearing loss are well documented aspects of military life. Numerous studies have indicated high rates of noise-induced hearing injury (NIHI) in active-duty service men and women, and recent statistics from the US Department of Veterans Affairs indicate a population of veterans… Read More


Can You Say That Again Sergeant!

Research Paper Title The viability of hearing protection device fit-testing at navy and marine corps accession points. Background The viability of hearing protection device (HPD) verification (i.e., fit-testing) on a large scale was investigated to address this gap in a military accession environment. Methods Personal Attenuation Ratings (PARs) following self-fitted (SELF-Fit) HPDs were acquired from… Read More

Loudness Discomfort Levels in US Veterans: Perception & Reality

Research Paper Title Subjective Reports of Trouble Tolerating Sound in Daily Life versus Loudness Discomfort Levels. Background A retrospective analysis of tonal and speech loudness discomfort levels (LDLs) relative to a subjective report of sound tolerance (SRST) was performed to explore the relation between the 2 commonly used clinical measures. Methods Tonal LDLs and SRST… Read More

Hearing Thresholds & Hearing Loss in British Army Air Corps Lynx and Apache Pilots

Research Paper Title Changes in hearing thresholds as measured by decibels of hearing loss in British Army Air Corps lynx and apache pilots. Background Helicopter pilots are exposed to noise at work and are at risk of developing hearing loss in excess of that which naturally results from aging. We investigated whether Lynx pilots demonstrated… Read More

Musicians Say What…

The contraction witnessed in the numbers of personnel in modern standing armies means that army musicians, when not playing dirges for dead prime ministers, are increasingly deployed in combat roles. The occupational health department of the UKs Ministry of Defence thought that it was important to determine whether its musicians were experiencing hearing loss as… Read More