Does Healthcare Utilisation Before Hip Arthroscopy Predict Healthcare Utilisation After Surgery?

Research Paper Title Does Healthcare Utilization Before Hip Arthroscopy Predict Healthcare Utilization After Surgery in the United States Military Health System? An Investigation Into Health Seeking Behavior. Background The influence of prior patterns of healthcare utilisation on future healthcare utilisation has had minimal investigation in populations with musculoskeletal disorders. The purpose of this study was… Read More


Comparing Multidisciplinary Team Residential Rehabilitation with Conventional Outpatient Care

Research Paper Title A comparison of multidisciplinary team residential rehabilitation with conventional outpatient care for the treatment of non-arthritic intra-articular hip pain in UK Military personnel – a protocol for a randomised controlled trial. Background Non-arthritic hip disorders are defined as abnormalities of the articulating surfaces of the acetabulum and femur before the onset of… Read More

What are the Demographic & Behavioural Health Predictors of Un/Diagnosed Depression in the US Female Military Veteran Population?

Research Paper Title Predictors of Depression Diagnoses and Symptoms in United States Female Veterans: Results from a National Survey and Implications for Programming. Background and Purpose Research suggests that female veterans of the US military are more likely than their male counterparts to report mental health concerns such as post-traumatic stress, depression and suicidal thoughts.… Read More

Mobile Health Trends & Figures 2013-2017

Research Paper Title Mobile Health Trends and Figures 2013-2017. Outline This report maps out the future development of the mHealth applications market. It highlights 10 key trends that will shape the mHealth market until 2017. The report also provides a detailed outlook on future market size and revenue models. The report will help the readers… Read More