Mobile Health Trends & Figures 2013-2017

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Mobile Health Trends and Figures 2013-2017.


This report maps out the future development of the mHealth applications market. It highlights 10 key trends that will shape the mHealth market until 2017. The report also provides a detailed outlook on future market size and revenue models.

The report will help the readers to support their understanding on the key drivers of the market and their business planning. Traditional healthcare providers as well as Telcos and Newcomers will benefit from the insights of the report.

The market for mobile health application will develop along the following trends:

  1. Smartphone user penetration will be the main driver for the mHealth uptake
  2. mHealth applications will be tailored specifically for smartphones or tablets
  3. mHealth applications will be native rather than web-based applications
  4. mHealth niche stores will become the home of the 2nd generation of mHealth apps
  5. Missing regulations are the main market barrier during the commercialization phase
  6. Buyers will continue to drive the market
  7. Applications will enter traditional health distribution channels
  8. mHealth market will grow mainly in countries with high Smartphone penetration and health expenditure
  9. 2nd generation mHealth applications will focus on chronic diseases
  10. mHealth business models will broaden

The market forecast section of the report examines mHealth user, download, revenue and sensor shipment e.g.:

  • A forecast for mHealth market revenue until 2017.
  • A breakdown of future revenues by revenue type
  • A forecast of mHealth app downloads by business model (free and paid)
  • An analysis of the average downloads per mHealth user per year until 2017
  • An forcast of the mHealth and total app user base until 2017
  • An analysis of the user number by mHealth service type
  • A mHealth sensor shipment projection until 2017

The trend section of the report is backed up by statements and insights of 324 opionion leaders and mHealth app publishers that have been interviewed and surveyed.


Research2guidance (2013) Mobile Health Trends and Figures 2013-2017. Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 03 November, 2013].


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