Running Coaches & Recreational/Competitive Runners

“You don’t have to be a running coach to improve someone’s ability to run.” (Fountain, 2017, p.21) In 2015, the number of weekly runners in England rose by 63,000 to 2.1 million according to Sport England’s Active People Survey. Sport England now uses the  Active Lives Survey and the latest data (2015-16, Year 1 Report) reports… Read More


Expert … Anyone?

“When no one is an expert, anyone can be.” (Unknown) Expert (Cambridge, 2016) : A person with a high level of knowledge or skill relating to a particular subject or activity: A gardening/medical expert My mother is an expert at dress-making (= she does it very well). Expert (Business Dictionary, 2016): Professional who has acquired knowledge… Read More

Are You a ‘Connected Professional’?

Jim Crawley, a senior lecturer and teaching fellow in the school of Education at Bath Spa University, is conducting research into teacher education as part of a 4-year study. Although aimed at teaching professionals, aspects of his work can be applied to the fitness professional. His model has four ‘connections’: The Practical Connection: of practical… Read More

How to Encourage Professionalism in Your Fitness Instructors

1.0     Introduction Although this article is primarily focused on those working in the military fitness, fitness boot camp and outdoor fitness sectors the principles can be applied to the wider fitness community. The requirements for working as a fitness professional varies across industries and employers. Health clubs and leisure centres usually hire certified personal trainers,… Read More