Are You a ‘Connected Professional’?

Jim Crawley, a senior lecturer and teaching fellow in the school of Education at Bath Spa University, is conducting research into teacher education as part of a 4-year study.

Although aimed at teaching professionals, aspects of his work can be applied to the fitness professional. His model has four ‘connections’:

  1. The Practical Connection: of practical teaching skills, knowledge and understanding;
  2. The Democratic Connection: of involvement in democratic action;
  3. The Civic Connection: of active engagement with the wide community; and
  4. The Networked Connection: of using many forms of networking including those supported by technology to develop and sustain active engagement with other professionals and the wider community.

Jim is a fellow of the Institute for Learning (IfL) and his article was in InTuition, the magazine of IfL.


Crawley, J. (2014) Meet the ‘Connected Professional’. InTuition. Issue 17, Summer 2014, pp.23.


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