Psychological & Physical Challenges to Exercise

Research Paper Title Challenges with strengthening exercises for people with knee osteoarthritis and comorbid obesity: a qualitative study with patients and physiotherapists. Background Explore challenges associated with implementing a home-based strengthening exercise programme for people with knee osteoarthritis and comorbid obesity. Methods Qualitative study embedded within a randomised controlled trial comparing two home-based strengthening programmes… Read More


Deportation of Non-citizen Military Veterans: A Critical Analysis of Implications for the Right to Health

Research Paper Title Deportation of non-citizen military veterans: A critical analysis of implications for the right to health. Abstract Military personnel are commonly exposed to health-harming conditions during their service, resulting in higher rates of physical and mental health conditions compared with the general population. In an era of mass deportations, it is notable that… Read More

US Air Force Nursing Personnel & Barriers to Mental Healthcare

Research Paper Title Resilience, Stress, Stigma, and Barriers to Mental Healthcare in U.S. Air Force Nursing Personnel. Background Stigma may deter military service members from seeking mental health (MH) services. Previously, substantial proportions of U.S. Air Force (USAF) registered nurses and medical technicians reported concerns about stigma with accessing MH services; in particular, that unit… Read More