A Guide to Coronary Calcium Scans

Here in Australia, a number of organisations offer coronary calcium scans. What, I hear you say, is a coronary calcium scan? Why Look At Coronary Calcium? A coronary calcium scan looks for specks of calcium (or calcification) in the walls of the coronary (heart) arteries. Calcification can be an early sign of coronary heart disease… Read More


18YO: Exercise Capacity & Muscle Strength and Risk of Vascular Disease & Arrhythmia

Research Paper Title Exercise Capacity and Muscle Strength and Risk of Vascular Disease and Arrhythmia in 1.1 Million Young Swedish Men: Cohort Study. Study Question Is exercise capacity and muscle strength at age 18 years related to an increased risk of vascular disease and arrhythmia? Summary Answer High exercise capacity and muscle strength in late… Read More

Does Medical Care Reduce Disability? The Case of Cardiovascular Disease

People in the US are not only living longer than in the past, they are also healthier at older ages. Over the past two decades, disability among the elderly has declined dramatically – the share of the elderly population reporting difficulty with activities of daily living (ADLs) fell from 25% in 1984 to 20% 1999,… Read More