TV Productions Supported by the British Army (2016-2020)

Introduction Since 2016, the British Army has provided assistance to a variety of TV productions both ‘under contract’ and ‘out of contract’. What is Out of Contract? Unlike ‘under contract’, the Army does not keep a comprehensive list of projects for out of contract TV productions. They are programmes that are broader than Defence but… Read More


Channel 4 to put Men through SAS Selection Process for New Series

Channel 4 has announced that it will put members of the public through the demanding SAS selection process for a new series. The series, which currently has the working title SAS: The Selection, will see a group of men from different walks of life put through the physically and mentally challenging entrance tests. Each test… Read More

TV Show: Royal Marines Commando School

Programme Title: Royal Marines Commando School Synopsis: This new documentary series has unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the Royal Marines’ military training programme. The first two weeks of the 32-week recruit training course are among the toughest recruits will face. My Thoughts: The first two weeks will be difficult due to the fact that the recruits… Read More

Trust Me: TV to Watch 2Nite

Programme Trust Me I’m a Doctor, Episode 1 (of 3) Channel & Time BBC2 @ 8pm (UK) Synopsis Medical journalist Michael Mosley and a team of doctors offer advice on health, using their expertise and the latest research to investigate the truth behind various claims being made in the media. Surgeon Gabriel Weston takes part… Read More