Channel 4 to put Men through SAS Selection Process for New Series

Training, Brecons BeaconsChannel 4 has announced that it will put members of the public through the demanding SAS selection process for a new series.

The series, which currently has the working title SAS: The Selection, will see a group of men from different walks of life put through the physically and mentally challenging entrance tests.

Each test the men will face is taken from the genuine Special Forces selection process, and is designed to play on people’s weaknesses.

Channel 4 added: “They will be run by a team of former Special Forces servicemen, who will reveal the character of the recruits through psychological warfare, including endurance marches, sleep deprivation and interrogation.

The fixed-rig format means the recruits will be totally isolated, dealing only with each other and with the SAS team in charge. As the stress and tension grows, the ex-servicemen will be constantly challenging, monitoring and judging them.

As with the real selection process, most who start will never finish.

Filming on the series – which will be produced by Minnow Films – will begins this month (June).


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