TV Show: Royal Marines Commando School

Programme Title: Royal Marines Commando School

Synopsis: This new documentary series has unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the Royal Marines’ military training programme. The first two weeks of the 32-week recruit training course are among the toughest recruits will face.

My Thoughts: The first two weeks will be difficult due to the fact that the recruits will have a big psychological shock in the transition from ‘civvy’ to Soldier under Training: such as hierarchal organisation, early starts, highly structured days (& weeks), lots of exercise, and late finishes. It is a difficult period and not all will adjust, though some will continue (push on) for a few more weeks. I completed 12 months of Junior Leader training in 1990, not sure I could ‘face it’ again! Crikey, 32-weeks of RM training; hat’s off.

When: 21:00 to 22:00 Monday 14 July 2014.

Channel: Channel 4

Want to learn more about the Commando Course, then view the All Arms Commando Course Overview.


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