TV Productions Supported by the British Army (2016-2020)


Since 2016, the British Army has provided assistance to a variety of TV productions both ‘under contract’ and ‘out of contract’.

What is Out of Contract?

Unlike ‘under contract’, the Army does not keep a comprehensive list of projects for out of contract TV productions.

They are programmes that are broader than Defence but present opportunities for messaging and reputation building that:

  • Are low in risk;
  • Do not entail filming on the Defence Training Estate; and
  • Are not bespoke.

Information About Support Provided to TV Productions

Following an approach from a production company, and prior to agreeing to support a filming project, conversations will occur with said enquirer to understand the nature of the request and assess the opportunities for messaging and reputation building for the Army.

If it is decided to proceed, further conversations and meetings will occur, including, if appropriate, reconnaissance with the Army providing an insight into its activities in order to ensure the production company has a full understanding of the subject matter concerned.

If the production company secures a broadcasters commission, the Army’s communication branch will move towards contract support.

During the course of this stage, a project officer from the business area providing filming support will be appointed. It is this officer’s responsibility to provide further in-depth background briefs and recommendations for filming opportunities prior to the letting of a contract, plus post contract during filming.

In Contract Productions

The table below outlines the TV productions to which the Army has provided support under contract.

2016British Army Girls
2016Raw Recruits
2016CBBC’s Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom
2016Top Gear
2016Not the Grand Tour
2016Guy Martin’s WW1 Tank
2016The Millies
2017God’s Soldiers
2017Army: Behind the New Frontlines
2017Beacons Uncovered
2017Women at War: 100 Years of Service
2017Op MAGIC
2018Blue Peter: Tank Commander
2018CBBC’s Deadly Dinosaurs with Steve Buckshall
2018CBBC’s Beyond Bionic with Andy Torbet
2019Raw Recruits 2
2019The Para’s: Men of War
2019Blue Peter: King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery
2019Her Majesty’s Cavalry
2019Top Gear
2019James Bond: No Time to Die
2019Downton Abbey
2019Inside the Bomb Squad
2019Gurkhas v Everest
2019Jason Fox: Return to Afghanistan
2019Goodbye Christopher Robin
2019The Crown
2020Guy Martin’s Battle of Britain
2020Coldstream Guards (still filming as of January 2021)


FOI 2020/13877 dated 20 January 2021.


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